Start with a Social Media Strategy

When working with new clients, they often think you need to spend a substantial part of your day tweeting or posting on social sites. What you do need to do is start with a social media strategy.

 A Strategic Approach to Twitter

Three common questions are who do I follow, what type of content should I create, and how do I engage with people. In this post I’ll cover the WHO DO I FOLLOW question.

Searching for Probable Customers

Your goal is to connect with, or enhance your relationship with customers, so you should begin by following the customers you have now and build to follow potential customers. See who is talking about you already. Start following those people.

I happen to have a bottle of Aquafina water here on my desk, so while I’m not promoting the product, I will use it as an example. Here’s how to search in 4 steps.

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Twitter – Where does a business start?

I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of times I’ve heard business people say “What’s the point of Twitter?” Usually I’ll hear that followed up with things like “why do I care what you had to eat or when you took a shower“. Right then and there, I know I’m probably talking to someone who has done absolutely no research on their own and is more than likely repeating some silly response they heard from someone else.

I love Twitter. I think it has wonderful potential for connecting like-minded individuals. And, I honestly believe that it can help your business, regardless of size. But Twitter isn’t easy. On the contrary, it requires skill and dedication, coupled with a strategy for implementing it into your mix of communication tools.

Recently, I sat down with a new client who thought they would like to explore Twitter but they didn’t know where to begin. I’d like to share some of the tips and tricks I showed them to help get them started.

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Billy Crystal’s First Tweet & When Harry Met Sally 2

You know how it goes. You start working on one thing and before you know it you’re off on tangents. I innocently logged on to Technorati this afternoon to do a little research and I just couldn’t pass by one of the blogs.

When Harry Met Sally 2

It read “When Harry Met Sally 2 with Billy Crystal & Helen Mirren”. Billy Crystal is one of my favorite comedians and Harry Met Sally one of my all time favorite movies. I admit, I can actually cite sections of the script.. large sections.. from memory. Well, I clicked the link and it took a preview of “When Harry Met Sally 2“” . The video was hilarious. But again, from there, I stumble upon this interview with Billy talking about tweeting for the first time.Adding humor to tweets sounds like a great way to start a conversation. Of course, maybe only Billy can get away with.

So now we have a great Twitter story, a tactic for finding content (Technorati), a Video that will certainly go viral on Funny or Die (Harry/Sally not Billy & Jon.. sorry guys)  and just to add to SEO, Stumble Upon was added in the copy.

Yes, I crammed a LOT of keywords into this post, and now I’m going to watch and see how many hits it gets based on those keywords. Meanwhile, enjoy the videos then check out the social media tools I’ve named. (Don’t you just love social media and blogging? I Digg it. )

Gary Vaynerchuk: MSNBC talking social media & The Thank You Economy

I’m a big fan of Morning Joe on MSNBC. They have some of the most fabulous and incredibly smart people.  With all the hubbub going on in Wisconsin, I’ve been keeping a pretty close on politics… but this was a treat… Gary Vaynerchuk hawking his new book, “The Thank You Economy”. Now, I follow Gary on Twitter and we’re friends on Facebook, and even LinkedIn.. but as much as I love his writing, it’s always a pleasure to listen to him speak. So, to save you a little hunting, here’s an embed of the video from his interview.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

And if you haven’t read his book ” Crush It”  yet, I highly recommend it.  He’s really inspired me. In fact, you can pick up both books on Gary’s store at Amazon.