Beyond Social Media – Fundamental Shift in Communication Continues

Social media created a major shift in the way we communicate, but this isn’t the end of the story, it’s only the beginning. I’ve been researching virtual environments and virtual worlds for almost 4 years now, and was a little disappointed in the fact that applications like Facebook and Twitter exploded onto the scene shifting the focus away from what I think is an even more powerful tool for social interaction.

Right now, virtual environments are being used heavily in teaching and simulations, by universities & government, and enterprise is starting to get more comfortable with this through virtual events. Healthcare is adapting this technology for training as well.

But, what’s not happening (yet)  is a fuller understanding of how social interaction through virtual environments can facilitate traditional business models in sales and marketing.

I ran across this video yesterday, and while it’s promoting the use of virtual events, which I personally still find quite boring, it does speak to where I believe we’re going, an on demand 24/7 virtual way of doing business.

“Virtual environments can positively impact business transactions. In this video discussion, 6Connex CEO, Kevin Carbone, and CTO, Leon Papkoff, discuss how this emerging marketing channel improves information delivery and collapses the sales cycle through accelerated engagement and information exchange.”

Using Virtual Technology to Address Vertical… by DesignReactor