SSL for Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook has been announcing a lot of new changes this week. The latest is that SSL (Secured Socket Layer) will be required for Fan Pages effective October 1, 2011. According to Facebook:

As the web evolves, expectations around security change. For example, HTTPS — once a technology used primarily on banking and e-commerce sites — is now becoming the norm for any web app that stores user information. We feel that HTTPS is an essential option to protect the security of Facebook accounts, and since Apps on Facebook are an important part of the site, support for HTTPS in your app is critical to ensure user security.

So, what does this mean to you? If you’re creating fan pages for your Facebook page on your own domains, then you will need to purchase a secure certificate and get your site secured. It’s not a terribly costly option, running around $50 a year, depending on your provider.

If you’re already working with a marketing agency, and they are hosting your Fan Pages, make sure you touch base with them this week to verify they have their ducks in order.


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