Seth Godin’s Domino Project offers free eBook

In honor of Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work, the Domino Project Street Team brought together their collective talents to create a free eBook entitled No Idling – “30 Inspirational Stories from those who “Do the Work”

It’s available from the link above, and yep it’s free. You may use it, print it, and share it freely but please don’t change or re-sell it, that’s against the rules.

Steven Pressfield’s book “Do the Work“,  (available free on Kindle until May 20th), is designed to coach you through a project from conception to finished product, seeing it from the point of view of resistance. Kicking aside procrastination, fear, self-doubt and self-sabotage, “Do the Work” will give you inspiration to stop dreaming and start doing.  I got my copy a couple of weeks ago and quickly devoured it and put the ideas into practice.

The eBook features Andrew Warner, Neil PatelCharlie Gilkey, James Altucher, Neil Pasricha, Mark Silver, David Siteman Garland, Carol Roth, Michael PortMarshall Ulrich and 20 others who talk about their inspirations for doing the work.

The Domino Project is a new way to think about publishing. Founded by Seth Godin and powered by Amazon, they’re trying to change the way books are built, sold and spread. Find out more about this amazing project here.

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