Gary Vaynerchuk: MSNBC talking social media & The Thank You Economy

I’m a big fan of Morning Joe on MSNBC. They have some of the most fabulous and incredibly smart people.  With all the hubbub going on in Wisconsin, I’ve been keeping a pretty close on politics… but this was a treat… Gary Vaynerchuk hawking his new book, “The Thank You Economy”. Now, I follow Gary on Twitter and we’re friends on Facebook, and even LinkedIn.. but as much as I love his writing, it’s always a pleasure to listen to him speak. So, to save you a little hunting, here’s an embed of the video from his interview.

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And if you haven’t read his book ” Crush It”  yet, I highly recommend it.  He’s really inspired me. In fact, you can pick up both books on Gary’s store at Amazon.

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