Blogging for the “Awesome” in Inbound Marketing

Dive In, The Water is Fineimage of a man diving into water

Inbound marketing is all about getting found. Somewhere, someone is searching for exactly the product or service you offer. Your challenge is positioning yourself to be easily found when they are searching. Over the next few days I’ll be discussing the key elements I  recommend to clients, which are:

  • Generate great content,
  • Optimize that content for search engines,
  • and, Use social media strategies to promote your content.

Part 1 – Generate (Awesome) Content

Great content is the foundation of any website. You know, you’ve heard it,  “Content is King”.  This is not a new idea. That term was first coined in the mid-1990’s by Sumner Redstone, owner and CEO of Viacom, Inc.  In a 2004 interview with global research firm Accenture, he reiterated, “What drives our industry is content and creativity. Technology will not overcome these fundamentals. In fact, it’s these fundamentals that will allow us to adjust. We will adhere to the principle that content is king.” And, what he said then, still holds true, despite the changes in technologies or platforms we use today.

Hopefully, you’ve worked hard to make sure you have all you P’s & Q’s in order when it comes to presenting your business using your website. But is simply having a website enough these days? Emphatically, NO.

One of the quickest ways to increase your visibility is through blogging and giving your readers awesome content. Awesome spreads.

A few days ago, I attended a book signing event for the King of Awesome, Scott Stratten. His book, Unmarketing, is a must read in my opinion. Here’s a snippet from that event ..

Where Do You Find Your Awesome?

Establish Yourself as an Expert – Blogs are great tools to help you establish yourself as an expert in a field or topic. Furthermore, blogging can help legitimize your expertise and expand your online presence and platform. Blogging brings like-minded people together. Starting a blog can help you find those people and share your opinions and thoughts.

How Often Should I Blog?

Some experts recommend that you need to blog daily to build a readership. But you don’t want to bore your readers with something you wrote, just to be posting. Hopefully, as an expert in your field, you can manage to have something interesting to share with your readers a few times a week. I’d much rather read someone’s blog a couple of times a week than be disappointed in a daily post, just because they felt obligated to post.  Here’s Scott’s take on that …

In upcoming posts we’ll look at How to Optimize Your Content for SEO and Social media Strategies to spread your “Awesome”.

In closing, while a lot of people I run into think they need to have all their ducks in a row before they take the dive into into inbound marketing strategies, I say “Not true”. You need to commit and, like Nike says, “Just Do It“.


Linden Lab’s Web-based Teaser Creates “overwhelming influx of day-old avatars” to the Chagrin of Some

Linden Lab launched a beta version of Second Life© in a browser. Naturally, curiosity got the best of me and I had to give it a try. The first question that came to mind was, “How did the sims in the destination selections get into the program?” I suspect they were thrilled to get the chance to showcase their builds, but apparently some look a gift-horse in the mouth.

After trying the viewer, and exploring some destinations I normally wouldn’t have taken the time to search for on my primary account, I decided to create an alt and try out a cool looking role-play sim focused on a more celtic-fantasy theme. After all, who doesn’t like pretty fairy costumes and wings? And who couldn’t use a little escape from reality?

I wasn’t quite ready to commit to what I knew would be a time drain, and quite honestly, some role-play is often like watching a really bad movie in slow motion as “players” seem to painstaking take way too much time crafting their next piece of dialog. But just the same, I joined the Group and thought I might give it a try.

This morning when I logged on to my email I got this message from that Group….

“Due to the overwhelming influx of day-old avatars, we’ve had to put a scripted age restriction in place at the entrance area in the sky. Avatars must now be OVER 30 days old to enter. If you are less than 30 days old but have been getting started here as a player in (name of sim deleted intentionally), please avoid the entrance area in the sky, and use the attached plaza landmark instead, it will bypass the age check. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience – but it will keep our areas more pleasant to roleplay in.”

I was quite shocked. Who participates in a beta test and then restricts the very users you were seeking to attract from entering your simulation? I’d say that’s a bad piece of marketing and a sign that you may be doomed right out of the gate.